from the bottom of my heart

I’m Kingston L. working for a major heavy machine assembling company here in Reno, Nevada. We supply equipment to many clients, most of whom are from our state and others from Utah and California. A little less than a month ago, we were completing delivery of orders placed by Simplex United in Yucaipa. As we were working on the last order, our dispatch center caught fire, subsequently causing a partial flub on the equipment that was ready for dispatch. Unfortunately, we had run out of spares for the four components that got adversely destroyed. Since we hadn’t foreseen the disaster and did not want to disappoint our long-term client, we had to work out a plan to ship in the components because they’re not available locally. We had two options; either sources them from Japan or China. We explored the Japan option but we found the forwarding service a little expensive. So we contacted several freight forwarders shipping from China to US while we left the Japan option open. Upon contacting several sister companies for help regarding freight forwarding companies, China Freight stood out as the cheapest and most efficient among them all. First, I was a bit skeptical because China Freight reviews were not as impressive. However, their promise of a quick turnaround for sea freight informed our decision for picking them. My boss gave me a green light to execute the importation without any delay. So I scanned through the company’s website for contacts; I picked some phone contacts and an email. Brenda, the customer service agent, was quite available and accessible. She needed quite a good amount of details regarding our shipment- which I found to be ok. China Freight was very exceptional at listening to my requirements. They were quick to rectify what was troubling us with our previous forwarder. In fact, their follow up questions were vital for resolving some difficulties that arose during clearance. Hence, I can say communication was less of a problem for us. I also had an occasional and candid dialogue with another company’s employee-Alice- who was always available to answer whenever I called. Email was also quite instrumental with regards to relaying information. I remember a day after China Freight picked up my cargo from a supplier in China, they were supposed to do little re-packaging but they encountered a small problem splitting out and sorting some components. They wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to me and it was no brainer helping them out. Honestly, I almost regret being misled by China Freight reviews that were not a reflection of the true company’s dealings. Our China-based agent completed the purchase of the destroyed components from our main supplier and relayed the necessary information to China Freight. The forwarder picked the order two days later and repackaged the content as they prepared to ship it. As we had agreed, the whole process was supposed to take 21 days. 5 days later, I contacted them via email to ask if my goods were already in transit and to inquire about the docs I would need once the goods arrived for clearance. Alice gave me a call and updated me on their progress. She even gave me an order tracking number, which turned out to be quite effective during the entire shipping process. Once the goods arrived at the port, clearing was extremely seamless. China Freight’s agents played a major role in the clearance process; I almost did nothing at that moment, yet much of China Freight reviews registered complaints about poor clearance services. 20 days since we initiated the process, the components we needed was on our premises. The shipment arrived as dispatched from the factory in China- all components were delivered safely and free from damages. We re-assembled the damaged parts, within two days, the equipment was ready for delivery. I sincerely thank the China Freight transport management team for the work well done. This couldn’t have been done better. I’m not sure why China Freight is not ranked the best freight forwarder in the world, but I can say it was more than adequate for our needs. I found the staff quite professional, helpful and friendly. It goes without saying that China Freight is among the most cost-effective freight forwarders I’ve ever used for shipping from China to Nevada. I’ve never met a customer-friendly, efficient shipping company. This is the first time for me to tell my story and comment on China Freight. I hope it can be helpful to my friends who are looking for export from China.

I want to say in last that: Happy every day, be yourself!