China Freight reviews for shipping from China to USA

If you are a into any kind of business that requires shipping from China to USA, there are many points you should have in mind to ensure you don’t go through any problems in the course of your shipment. You have heard of so many of these points, and one of the most important happens to be the company you choose to work with.

A lot of people have complained that when they when it comes to shipping from China to USA, and my company used to transport goods by DHL ,they either spend excess money or go through unnecessary delays, and among other reasons which could stem from any stage during the translation, the freight forwarding service provider you choose to patronize for your shipment is always mainly responsible for those problems.

Trust me, I have had my fair share of bad experiences with freight forwarding companies and I can say it is an experience I would not wish on anyone. It is bad for business, personal savings, your own customers, and even your blood pressure…since you will be thinking so much about the condition of your goods and how much you have spent to keep them safe.

I move goods from China to the United States often and I have found the easy, safe and convenient way to go about it. But more details on how I got to that stage will be known to you later. Let us focus on how you can get the best service as well, so that you won’t have to go through a bad importation deal.

If you are new to the world of importation, you have made it in time to learn about the best freight forwarding company for you. China Freight reviews reveal that it is possible to have a stress-free transportation of your goods.

In light of this, it is no longer news that your logistics company has to be chosen with great care. You need to pick one with a lot of positive things to their credit already, just like you see when you read China Freight reviews. This way, you can trust them and expect nothing but best service, which will eventually lead to a fast and secure shipping from China to USA. I will share my most recent experience with you later in this post, but first, know the nine important things you should look for when choosing a freight forwarder.


Nine Important things you should look for when choosing a logistics and freight forwarding service provider


  • First of all, you need to be sure of what you want this freight forwarding company to do for you, you have to understand your requirements.
    If you know your specific needs, it will be much easier for you to look for the right freight forwarding company.
  •  Now that you know what you want from a freight forwarding company when shipping from China to USA, the next thing to do is to conduct a through research on the company. Know how they operate and check their history.
    Do they have a good business record? Are they customer friendly? How fast and well do they react to complaints? What do they charge? All these questions are answered in China Freight reviews.
    As important as it is to know the responsibility of the freight forwarding company you want to work with, it is equally important to know what your own duties are on the other end, it takes both you and the company to do a good business.
  • Find out how well they handle different type of shipments. If you are deep into this business of importation, a time will come when you will no longer be limited to shipping from China to USA alone. What if you need to transfer goods between other countries? Will your freight forwarding company be able to handle it? If so, how do they go about that?
    Your company of choice should have the capacity to handle more than one shipment and offer the same amount of effectiveness when they serve you. In China Freight reviews, you will see a lot of testimonies about their work.
  • Are they the experts at what you want? It is one thing for a company to be good at a particular method of shipment or more than one method, but what if you want to be using a particular method and don’t know how well they do there?This is about how they move commodities from one place to another and the regulations they have to follow. So this is what you should do, before you patronize a freight forwarding company, ask then their area of expertise and even go as far as asking for references…examples of similar cases they have handled for previous customers. This should put you on the right track.
  •  Another important thing when considering a freight forwarding company is knowing if they belong to a body. A good company will belong to a reputable trade network or group.
    If your freight forwarding company of choice belongs to an association like FIATA, trust me you are good to go. This is because not any company just qualifies to be part of it, the criteria are quite huge, they get vetted and, and then after things like financial stability, professionalism, integrity, consistency and many other things have been seen present in the company, they become members of reputable freight forwarders association like FIATA.
    The fact that a freight company is a member of a reputable trade network will make them act more responsibly when shipping from China to USA, or anywhere else in the world. If you have time to confirm this, you will notice that even a small research through China Freight reviews will show you they have better services than those that aren’t in professional bodies.
  • It is also good to know how they will take care of your goods. Yes, even if you have done your background check and finalized that a company is going to give you the best service, you still need to know how it is going to work.
    The whole part of this aspect is centered on your communication with the person you will be relating with from the company. China Freight reviews show that companies use different ways to do this; it is either you are given one person to handle all your concerns with the company or you are given more than one person to handle different tasks. It is all about how the company has trained their staff, so the number doesn’t matter.
    What is important is that you can easily get in touch with that person, give him or her any information they need, get updates on issues concerning your shipment, etc.Also, being someone who is shipping from the USA, it is important that the freight forwarding company has a professional custom clearing agent in America. This will save you so many issues that could arise, you know those ones you never saw coming despite planning well.
    Issues like a customs delay or some problems originating from the supplier in China can be handled well if your freight forwarding company has a professional custom clearing agent in America, so make sure you have that box checked before doing business with them.
  • Finally, your freight forwarding company just needs to have insurance, it is very important. What if something happens to your goods?
    This is more than just having a responsible freight company, it is also having one that can think ahead of time and make insurance for the safety of your goods. No one plans for accidents or robbery, but let’s face it, they do happen. So what if it happens to you and you have no insurance? That’s right, you lose everything.
    So, cargo insurance is a must, your freight forwarding company of choice must have it.
    Those are all the things the need when choosing a company, if you have all of them in mind and use them as guidelines when picking a company, you will hardly ever have issues throughout your business.
    You may be wondering how long it will take you to find such a good company, but like I said before, I will share my experience with you and you will see how well a company can actually be. One freight forwarding company that ticks all the boxes listed above is China Freight, they have been so effective and from my experience, it has been the best so far. Take a look at the following China Freight review.

My personal experience with China Freight

1. How I got to know the company by reading China Freight reviews

It all started earlier this year when I suffered a really bad encounter during the course of getting my goods moved from China to Los Angeles. Everything was fine, at least it looked that way, until my goods got delayed by more than two months, this was when I decided to look for the best freight forwarding company around.
While researching online and asking questions about how things work, I checked online and saw a few good ones, but when I came across China Freight reviews, I had to take a second look at what people where saying about them and their services. I knew then that if I got in touch with the company, I would never experience such a terrible shipping experience again as I did earlier this year.
So I checked for what other American buyers had to say about them, so I would know what to do about my situation. My decision to do a serious research this time around is because of that bad experience I had previously, so I checked deeper into the China Freight reviews and saw many American buyers like myself, all of them saying they easily moved goods from China to USA without having to go through stress, and they didn’t even spend so much money.
With that, I made my decision and contacted the company, you never can tell how beneficial it is to read China Freight reviews and see how well they are doing for other importers like you.

2. My first time of doing business with China Freight

So after deciding to do business with them after reading impressive China Freight reviews, I made my first contact. They were nice to me and to cut the long story short, my goods were sent to my base in Los Angeles at a very short time, no ugly delays like I had before and the goods were in perfect condition. This made me believe I have found the right choice, so I had nothing to worry about.

3. My second time of doing business with China Freight

After such a smooth, affordable and fast business with this company that I discovered after reading China Freight reviews, I decided to give them a second chance. My next set of goods was also delivered on time, and my business started getting better and easier. It is really amazing how well a good freight forwarding company can improve your business; it just took a powerful leap after I met China Freight.

4. My third time of doing business with China Freight (the most recent one)

I was very comfortable at this time, expecting nothing but excellent as expected from this company that has been so good to me and changed the course of my business for the better. So, my suppliers in China received instructions from me to make a higher quantity of goods because back home, demand was increasing and I was making more profit.
As usual for me, I contacted China Freight and they gave me a good and welcoming answer. After all due process, my goods were destined for Los Angeles, but there some misunderstandings during the transportation. I found this strange because during the time I spent reading China Freight reviews, there was no time any person complained of poor service in their transport, it was all good, so I had to do something and call the attention of the company.
Remember one of the requirements of a good freight forwarding company is to know how your goods will be transported, which involves having a contact you can always reach here there is a complaint? Well, I had such a contact in China Freight, so I called and the customer service personnel.
It was a female voice that answered the call and she warmly introduced herself as Miss Alice. After hearing the warm greeting, any nervous feeling I had disappeared because I felt so safe, so I asked her about my goods and let her know the current misunderstandings going on with them.
After explaining myself, she did not even waste time, she just asked me to wait a little and made some arrangements from her end, I must say that I was very impressed and happy with the way it was handled. My shipment was delivered to me in Los Angeles and it was not delayed. To make things even more interesting, I was not charged anything extra and I bless the day I read those China Freight reviews that made me discover such an amazing freight forwarding company.

5. What I learnt throughout my experience with China Freight

After that third experience with China Freight, I learnt that they have a very good company structure and I recommend it to everyone out there who wants to ship goods from China to the United States. I have done more businesses with them and I am not using any other freight forwarding company any more. This one is the perfect company that will give you the kind of service you have always dreamed of.
For those of you who have been going around the Internet searching for the best option out there when it comes to moving your goods internationally, this is the best you can ever find. I have made the decision to use China Freight for all my shipping logistics and freight forwarding business because they have the best service and quickly respond to complains, so what are you waiting for? Start using China Freight.

More about China Freight

Do yourself a favour. Go back to the list I gave you earlier in this review about things you should look out for when choosing a company to take care of your goods from China to the United States. When you look carefully through it, you can now look at China Freight reviews, which is how I got to know about them anyway.
You see, China Freight reviews reveal so much about the company, their mode of doing business and every other amazing thing to know about them. You will see that their portfolio matches that of the one those criteria above are trying to describe.
What you may not know about these China Freight reviews, like this one, is that they are true life experiences of fellow buyers just like you. They have studied the company, used their services and are now telling you what they think. So, you should go ahead and let China Freight do for you what they have been doing for me and other customers out there who enjoy such high quality freight forwarding service.