China Freight reviews for shipping from China to the UK

As a shipper, there’s real value in watching how your goods are handled so you get to understand what to look out for and things that ultimately separates a forwarder like China Freight from other companies shipping from China to the UK. But there’s also a greater value in seeing the perspective from a different point of view: that of a customer.  Hence, as a long-standing customer, I reach out to all potential clients looking to ship from China to the UK.  This is my testimonial of our relationship between a freight forwarder that has changed the course of our business. I believe you’d find it quite important to take on my vast experience as a shipper.

My name is Kingston and our company is based in Felixstowe, a seaside town in Suffolk, UK. My business deals with school furniture as well as anything you can find in an office. Over the years, I have shipped through the sea, air, both exporting and importing to the UK for just over 6 years. In the early years of my business, I imported from the US and the Middle East. However, the markets have shifted a lot today and we now import most of our products from China.


Earlier on, we were focused on cheap freight forwarders, low overheads, cheap products and small returns. Consequently, we were always dealing with unhappy customers; delays in shipping poorly handled cargo and damage to goods. Though we wanted to save considerably, it seems we were not progressing at all.

I resisted every attempt to shut down my business. So I laid my focus on keeping a workable overhead and developing a solid relationship with a reputable freight forwarder.


Freaking out about choosing a Freight forwarder? Here’s what you need to know;


     1. Separating the wheat from the chaff

We decided to seek a freight forwarder with a unique benefit to our business, one with a high level of organization, flexibility, and transparency. Because of our nature of business, speed and efficiency were also our top priority. I did quite a bit of research about a handful of major international freight forwarders shipping from China to the UK- including seeking recommendations from several import businesses based in Felixstowe. As expected, it wasn’t an easy endeavor. Ultimately, I got strong recommendations to a popular Chinese forwarder-China Freight. A close comparison of our import and business needs against China Freight’s services proved they were the right fit for us. Needless to say, I still scanned through several China Freight reviews and even contacted some of their customers. I did decide to give them a try.

      2. New Freight forwarder and a new tact

We also changed our tact and began importing quality products. A few months down the line, I noticed a sharp difference and quickly realized that my business rebound was directly attributed to my newly acquired business relationship.

Yes, the quality of products you import matters. However, knowing how to get them from your supplier to your doorstep is never a simple task. Often times, suppliers choose to use their own freight networks, something that has proved a huge disservice to me and many other shippers. Imagine waiting for your shipment information and then you get contacted by the supplier’s appointed party who may not be interested in dealing with you, the receiver? This happened to me a couple of times. We even ended up losing our cargo, not once, twice! Add that to damaged goods and you’ll get why this really sucks. What even frustrated us the more is when we filed several claims but there was little to no resolution. With over half of my total savings at stake, a change was inevitable

      3. Business rebound

Thankfully, China Freight came to our rescue just in time. Needless to say, we did not fall for fake China Freight reviews. At the start of our partnership, I contacted China Freight’s operations manager- Alice- for a brief discussion regarding our import business. After our extensive discussion- which proved to be more than education in shipping, we had to do a bit of reorganizing of our freight under the new forwarder. Prior to sealing the deal, Alice took a special interest in knowing what we needed from our suppliers, and how spread they were throughout China. This helped us to know our base cost and timeline- something which is incredibly important to any import business. I did also inquire about the negative China Freight reviews I had found online. As it turns out, the stiff competition between freight forwarders is getting ugly.  Tens of customers are getting paid to carry on a smear campaign against top freight forwarders. For this reason, you really got to be careful when evaluating China Freight reviews

      4. Worried? You’re never alone

It is pretty much normal to get worried and keep thinking if your shipment is in good hands. From my point of view, the most dreaded parts of the shipping process include the process itself, regulations and paperwork involved in shipping from China to the UK. Although many China Freight reviews may not reveal, you possibly can’t surpass these processes without getting caught in the ‘logistics of logistics.’ Buying from the East is quite popular- there are indisputable bargains.  Hence, shipping from China to the UK is not about to come to a halt. Consequently, it’s quite important for every person shipping from China to the UK to know the processes involved and how long it might take to get their products to the UK. This will allow you to create plans and draw up decisions for your import business

      5. A full range of options

Although shipping via sea has always been my preferred option for shipping from China to the UK, I’ve always loved China Freight’s broad range of shipping options. When unforeseen emergencies got us last summer and we needed our shipment almost immediately, their airfreight option really sorted us out.  Also, whether your load is LCL, FCL, oversized, high-value commodity or heavy equipment, you can trust their sea option to get the job done.

   6. Best prices and wonderful customer service

Over the last 10 years, I’ve used several shipping companies, most of which even charged more but I’d never been contented. However, I was amazed by the range of services offered by China Freight including; Cargo collection and consolidation, packaging, preparation of shipping documents, cargo insurance, warehousing, and booking cargo space.


Perhaps one of the major factors that have helped us save a considerable amount in costs is goods consolidation. China Freight has always been on top of the game when it comes to combining small shipments while shipping from China to the UK. As known to other shippers, the greater the volume of shipment, the lesser the amount you’ll pay on transportation. I did notice that most China Freight reviews praised China Freight’s consolidation model

      7. Insurance is not an option!

There are two instances when China Freight’s cargo insurance  came to our rescue. Firstly, one truck carrying our high-value cargo crashed while delivering to our warehouse rendering most of our products worthless. Secondly, a forklift operator ran a fork into our shipment at a port storage facility. However, we were lucky to have our goods covered during the two instances. We didn’t have to order fresh products. Though it took an extra 2 weeks to get our products re-ordered and delivered, we couldn’t have borne the financial implication of losing the products

      8. Invaluable Experience

On matters shipping rates, I’d like to sound a warning to starters: Never make freight rates your top deciding factor.  Before we settled for China Freight, we’d base our choice solely on freight rate pricing. That’s not to say you should ignore shipping rates; they’re certainly important as well. But just don’t make it your number one determinant. Experience and customer service are in fact far more important. I did find myself getting scammed or paying hidden hefty fees for jumping on freight forwarders with the lowest rates. But I learned my lesson: what appears too good to be true is actually too good to be true. Nonetheless, keep in mind that shipping rates tend to reduce as freight forwarder’s volume increases. If your shipping rates are sky-high, I don’t need to tell you that your freight forwarder is small, and potentially putting you at risk. Hence, while it may not be necessarily difficult to start a freight forwarding company, being an outstanding freight forwarder takes years of experience and a solid network of global sipping industry connections. It is said that the internet never forgets. Well, judging but the dates when the first China Freight reviews were posted, you’ll appreciate that they’ve probably built a wealth of experience

      9. Fast and reliable

On several occasions, China Freight has offered unique versatility every time we’ve had tight deadlines or whenever we’re dealing with unforeseen obstacles. Last July, we had ordered officeware from both China and India. Whereas we didn’t encounter any problem with the shipment from India, the cargo from China had to be diverted to another port due to aggressive storms at the sea at that time. When we heard about the re-routing, I was quite worried because I didn’t know how China Freight was prepared to react and handle this situation. Also, I hadn’t read about anyone who faced such a situation in the China Freight reviews. Little did I know that this was just another day at the ‘office’ of the freight forwarder.

As a frequent UK importer, I’ve always been looking for a freight forwarder that’s highly trusted, and that with a strong network of highly qualified customs brokerage partners and agents. This was my primary reason for going through countless China Freight reviews. Undoubtedly, understanding customs in one place is not an easy task, but dealing with several regulations, paperwork and required tariffs in another country can be a real nightmare. We’ve had instances where customs agents were quite unforgiving even for completely small paperwork mistakes. Nevertheless, partnering with China freight has truly taken a lot of anxiety out of our importation.

Finally, watch out for fake China Freight reviews

I don’t believe that it’s just by mere luck that we’ve never encountered the major issues that people complain about in their China Freight reviews. While some argue that goods arrive late, or not being delivered at all, or products arrive damaged, I’ve always received my shipments on time and without any damages. Having used China freight for over a year for shipping from China to the UK and Amazon FBA, I’ve learned to trust them to take care of the entire logistical process leaving me to concentrate on my business. From my experience, I’ve noted that using a professional and experienced freight forwarder will most certainly alleviate disappointments.  Over the last few years, China Freight has minimized my international trade hurdles and helped me realize more profit


Trust builds relationship

A few months ago I bought a batch of mascara from China’s Alibaba The number of freight forwarders and courier companies available on the internet today is simply baffling. Picking a freight forwarder is a choice you would not want to make. It’s not new for shippers to rush into a transaction with a freight forwarder and get scammed. Of course, I did my background research before settling for


China Freight – and it did reveal a great deal about the company. Scrolling through several China Freight reviews that popped up online, I could see one positive thing after the other.  Honestly, bad reviews are a turn-off for me. Trust me, I’d have turned away if I would have come across a bunch of negative China Freight reviews.

To the doorstep!

Every time we have requested China Freight for door to door services that is exactly what they’ve always done. Many shippers overlook the importance of last mile delivery. But what do you consider the most important part of your shipping journey? When I was new to shipping, I always thought that the longest leg of the journey (like shipping across the Atlantic ocean) deserved the most attention. Unlike some previous freight forwarders that delivered our shipment to the port and left us on our own, China freight has always ensured safe delivery of every shipment right to our door. After a couple of years in the import business, I really believe that the last few miles is a make or break for the success of every shipment.

Professionalism at its best

Without a doubt, you’re lucky if China Freight is your Freight Forwarder. Yes, there are many places you can find Freight forwarders, but you could get swindled trying to wade through the mud.  Anyone can call themselves a freight forwarder. 10 years ago, when I was a new importer, I had a difficult time trying to choose the right freight forwarder. Like I mentioned before, you can get the tag with relative ease.

China Freight is also quite tech-savvy. I was struck by their tech features that managed inventory, automated shipping and enhanced seamless tracking that has always saved us considerable amounts of time and effort.  Since most freight forwarders shipping from China to the UK are still manual, it really pays to know the features that can be provided by a freight forwarder.

Know as it unfolds

Having worked together for quite some time, I can confidently say China Freight’s staff is quite knowledgeable, and their response time is very prompt. As captured in most China Freight reviews, China Freight relays important information in near real-time. Honestly, it’s quite difficult to fluently coordinate the entire sequence of processes right from collection of goods from suppliers to getting the shipment to its final destination. China Freight made it quite easy for us to track our shipment. Right from the time I made a freight rate request, I’ve noted China Freight’s consistency in getting my questions answered. Also, they were quick to walk me through everything I needed to know to make sure everything went according to plan.

Awesome experience, every single time

  • It goes without saying that the modern consumers (me included) expect immediate tracking information and shipment delivery.
  • This is what places service at the top of the list- even below
  • shipping rates! Although I would suggest that you start off with a trial run to get to know how your potential freight forwarder conducts its business customer service-wise, China Freight is, by far, leading its peers when it comes to customer service.What I have realized is how much of a difference I got by paying just a little more to a reputable international freight forwarder that can handle my shipments from my suppliers to its destination. Truth be told; the cost of other freight forwarders may seem little on paper, but you’ll end up losing a lot of money through delays, poorly handled claims and damaged products. China Freight’s pricing is all-inclusive and very simple. I’ve never found any hidden fees or itemized invoices which have really reduced our accounting burdens.

Beware of cheap solution that will cost you in the end!

Overall, I’m quite pleased with China Freight’s level of service. Shipping from China to the UK using China Freight has always proved quite inexpensive and fast, though a few China Freight reviews may be against this fact. Their vast experience and knowledge in almost every aspect of the importing process truly make them a special freight forwarder. Honestly, we couldn’t have been where we are today were it not for them. They’ve become a true partner in all our shipping needs. So, like we did, remember not to only keep your eyes on cost, but seek some ‘education’ regarding freight forwarding. Also, uphold keenness while evaluating China Freight reviews.

I’ll definitely keep working with China Freight for our freight forwarding and customs brokerage needs in the future!