China Freight reviews for shipping from China to Canada


When it comes to shipping from China to Canada, it is hard to find a single importer who will tell you they had it very easy throughout the process. It is always one issue or another with this line of business, but if you go through China Freight reviews, you will see positive remarks.

To make sure you have it as fast as possible, I have checked China Freight reviews and picked experiences form other people who are into shipping from China to Canada, and the best company you can work with is the secret to making it here in our line of business.

First of all, what do I mean by company? This is not your manufacturers in far away China, no. Although those people also have a hand in how well your transaction goes, they don’t really have much impact when it comes to the way your goods are moved from their station to your destination in Canada. This concern is taken care of by your freight forwarding company of choice.

For the purpose of a freight company’s importance, we’ll look at the different things that could go wrong when you work with a freight company that is not good enough to handle your shipment. Such complains are never seen in China Freight reviews.


Things that could go wrong when your goods are handled by a poor service from a freight forwarding company

  • The first thing you will experience when your freight forwarding company is not doing their job is an avoidable delay. You could have avoided it with a good company like the one customers applauded in China Freight reviews, but when you pick a company that is below standard, your goods can spend more than two months out there.  I have had the experience before, when my shipment was delayed by three months, very frustrating. So since then, I have decided not to have any business with a company that cannot deliver what they promise.
  • You will lose money when you are working with an inefficient freight forwarding company. This is almost as depressing as having your goods delayed, but when you find yourself in that situation, you won’t have a choice but to spend the money because you just want your goods and you will do whatever it takes.Basically, these are the two most common things that go wrong when you leave your goods in the care of a company that cannot give you the service received by those who write China Freight reviews. They have to be able to handle the task of shipping from China to Canada.
  • It will be incomplete if I don’t mention that your goods can be damaged when shipping from China to Canada with a freight company and logistics company that cannot handle the job.Yes, even if you don’t go through the usual delay or excessive spending while shipping from China to Canada, you could end up unpacking a damaged set of goods when they arrive your station. That is another reason why you must make your choice from China Freight reviews . To be sure about any service, it is good to read online reviews from other business owners who have done shipping from China to Canada with the particular company you are interested in.

How to get a good freight forwarding and logistics company

Since you don’t want to be a victim of any of the issues listed above, it is your duty to make sure that when shipping from China to Canada, your precious goods are handled by the company responsible for the positive remarks in China Freight reviews.

To get a good freight forwarding company to handle your shipment when you move goods from China to Canada, you have to first of all be clear about the kind of service you want, this will allow you make better decisions about what to choose for yourself.

Do you want your goods moved by air or sea? If you look carefully at the merits and demerits of both methods, you will be able to choose one after looking at your type of product and how urgently you need the goods in Canada. When this bus clear, the next step is to vet the company you have discovered.

By vetting, I mean you have to do thorough research and find out how well the freight forwarding company operates when they are shipping from China to Canada. I am sure you know that unlike before, opinions of other people are far easier to get because of online reviews. So you don’t have to worry about actually meeting certain people who have done business with the company you want to investigate, you just need to see China Freight reviews.

What you will love most about the reviews you will see is that they are from people just like you who want nothing other than a smooth and affordable way of shipping from China to Canada. When you check these reviews, you will notice a lot of imperfections that most companies don’t mention in their adverts. A disappointed customer will come online and leave his or her opinion on what really transpired between him and the company. If they were treated well after a mistake or misunderstanding has been made, they will also say it. Just like I am going to tell you about my own personal experience later in this article.

After specifying what you want from a freight forwarding company and doing your investigation by checking China Freight reviews, you can go ahead and do business.

As an importer who is shipping from China to Canada, I should let you know that when it comes to transportation of your shipment, it is not only on the part of the freight forwarding company to make sure everything goes well for you. What I am saying, is that you also have a role to play and I am not only referring to the fact that you have to part with some cash. Of course, their services are not free, but paying for that service is not your only responsibility.

What part do you have to play when shipping

We have already cleared the air that money to pay for the services you receive is not your only responsibility when you work with freight forwarding companies. It is just like visiting the dentist.

When you go to your dentist for an examination, you will surely pay for the services you receive, but that is not all that is required of you. Things like showing up on time, obeying the dentist’s recommendations, taking proper care od your teeth at home, brushing regularly and other responsibilities still lie on your shoulders and no matter how good the dentist may be, he won’t be able to do all that for you, he can only correct the damage done by you not taking your own responsibilities seriously.

Now, back to you and your freight forwarding company. You need to do certain things to ensure they can do theirs too, and it is just basic stuff. Here they are.

  • Provide your shipping documents on time

When you are in a business like this, you need to know that time is money. If you waste any little time, some money has already gone down the drain and a common way of wasting time is not having documents ready when they are needed.

When your freight is ready to be picked up, you should be ready as well with your documents. If you provide your documents late, it is almost a hundred percent sure that you will experience delays and even get into trouble with custom agents. This is your part, do it right.

  • When quoting your request, make sure you use correct data

This is by far the most common mistake importers make. Sometimes it is because they are in a hurry, and other times it is just because they are simply distracted. Either way, it ends up with them giving an inaccurate data to the freight forwarding company.

As you expect, the result of this mistake is always very bad. It is largely affect the cost of shipping goods and alter the supply chain. It affects everything, and you end up paying more for manufacturing, transportation, clearance…just everything in total.

To avoid having problems like this, make sure you check the data you quite into your request and correct any mistakes you can find.

  • Provide advance notice when you want to ship goods from China to Canada

Your information has to be very clear to your freight forwarder. You should make sure they know exactly what you want them to do about the kind of shipping patterns you need. This is why I stated earlier that you need to sit down and know what you want from a company before even going out to look for the best one for you. If you don’t know what you want, how can you ask your freight forwarding company to make it happen for you?

If you have special needs, let them know. If you want to be shipping regularly, a schedule for your business would be such a good way to make things more organized, for both you and your freight forwarding company.

Also, products description can also improve things. You will enjoy a faster and more affordable service when you keep to your own end during the process of shipping goods internationally.

It is good to know that if you find yourself lagging behind it unable to keep to these requirements needed from you, a good freight forwarding company will help you with it. Nothing is better than having a business partner that just wants things to be easy for you, this brings us to the company I have been working with over the past year.

The freight forwarding company I recommend for you

I am keeping to the promise I made earlier to share my personal experience with you. I have been shipping from China to Canada for a long time and I only started enjoying the best freight forwarding service one year ago when I read China Freight reviews online.

That’s right, China Freight has saved me from all the issues I once went through when I didn’t know much about choosing the best company to work with. Let me tell you my story.

Before I started shipping from China to Canada with China Freight

Before the day I went online to read the China Freight reviews that showed me how well they do business, I was spending so much money unnecessarily on transportation of my goods from China to Canada.

To be clear, I was doing all that had to be done to make sure my goods were going to be shipped on time and in good condition. I always cross checked to see that the data I was quoting was correct, I made sure I informed my freight forwarding company, as many as they were at different times, of any changes or social needs I wanted, and I did so in advance, I also had all my documents ready and I showed up with then any time they were needed, so I didn’t deserve what I went through at all.

I spent almost two times the price I spend now on the same size of goods and with the same shipping requirements. There was unexplained delays and sometimes, as if all I was going through was not bad enough, I would open the packages and see goods that were damaged or broken. It was horrible.

How I discovered China Freight

It was just too much burden for me and it was telling on my business which was going down. I was making less profit with each shipment and I knew I had to something before losing all I worked so hard for, so I started asking questions from others in the importation business and this led me into reading China Freight reviews on the Internet.

Prior to that, people told me about China Freight China Freight reviews but I wanted to know more. While I was vetting this company, I was really impressed with what I saw, the good statements from customers encouraged me. So I decided to give it a try.

My first encounter with China Freight

The warm greetings I got when I first made contact with this company made me realise that my importation troubles will soon be over. According to those China Freight reviews I read, they have good personnel working for them and the warm reception confirmed that.

I got to know that this is an international logistics and freight forwarding service provider that will make my dreams of easy shipping come true. They work with multiple methods of shipping, so I had the option of using air freight, ocean freight, or road freight and get the same level of expertise from the company, no wonder the China Freight reviews I read were so positive!

How my first shipment was handled by China Freight

Just like the China Freight reviews said, it was a good experience. The best I ever had, that is why I am still shipping with them till today.

I took my bold step to partner with China Freight to move my goods from China to my base in Toronto, and I was not disappointed at all. At first, I was really surprised when I got notified that my goods were already in Canada because I never expected it to be so fast.

When the goods came, I unpacked and checked the items. They were in good condition and not damaged in any way, just like I read in the China Freight reviews I saw online. Since then, I have not stopped putting my shipment in the dependable hands of China Freight.

A special experience I had recently

A few weeks ago, I transported a batch of goods with China Freight from China to Canada. As usual, they gave me good service but somewhere along the kind of transportation, they were some misunderstandings.

My suppliers were located in Shenzhen, and I needed the goods in Toronto as fast as possible so I was using air freight.

I had read previously when I went through China Freight reviews that when an issue comes up, they handle it fast, so I made contact with the company to clear the issue. I was attended to by Miss Alice who picked up the phone.

After letting the misunderstanding known to her, she was really nice to me and told me not to worry. In the end, my shipment got to me on time and in good condition right here in Toronto. So they are very good when it comes to handling complaints as well, I am grateful I started using this company called China Freight and I recommend that you start transporting with them immediately.