China Freight reviews for shipping from China to Australia

I’m Damian, born and raised Australian, and the founder and CEO of SportsPlex. I import and distribute equipment and everything you’d find in a sports center. As an Australia-based business, I had thought about expanding my national appeal with regards to sourcing products. However, manufacturing in Australia is quite expensive. Specialized tooling, making custom designs, prototyping, and so forth are all quite expensive. It gets even worse when you don’t understand the market completely. After several considerations, I did realize that a better solution was to import inexpensive products from elsewhere. Certainly, China is the main player when it comes to the manufacture of low-priced goods. So it became an almost natural choice for us. Nowadays I source most of my products from China, as our local manufacturing cannot compete with the world’s factory on manufacturing.

Freaking out about choosing a Freight forwarder? Here’s what you need to know;

1. Importation is a real headache

When sourcing products abroad, it’s always a daunting task to find shipping partners that can have your back. We have had so many troubles in the past when we began shipping from China to Australia. Thinking the process was all about finding a supplier, a logistics provider and receiving my products at my store, I didn’t know I was yet to encounter tremendous challenges. Finding an attractive freight forwarder on paper is one thing, having them deliver is a totally a different one. Regular importers can easily agree that international sourcing is overly challenging and usually full of uncertainties. During our early years in business, we worked with a freight forwarder that could not commit to their original quotes. If that doesn’t sound scary to you; here is a bit of an explanation in regards to that the ordeal; I had a horrible experience where a freight forwarder blatantly changed the originally quoted price at advanced stages of shipping due to what they termed ‘unforeseen costs engendered by the weight of our products.’ This is even after we’d provided complete shipping documents long before the start of the job- including the weights of all the products! That’s a day in the life of an importer who hasn’t found the right business partner. To alleviate such worries on your part, you got to pay attention to every detail in this China Freight review.

2. Your relationship with a freight forwarder determines your future success

Frankly, import business is never as easy as people think. If you don’t find the right supplier and freight forwarder, Importing from China to the UK could end up costing you a great deal.
After encountering several problems with freight forwarders, I flew to China on a fact-finding mission. The real reason behind it was to find a freight forwarder that could walk the journey with me. However, the mission proved a bit unrealistic. To cut the long story short, I achieved nothing from my mission because a deal I inked in China flopped miserably. So I flew back to Australia and started seeking recommendations from established importers. As expected, I got a range of recommendations from eighteen companies. However, one company stood out; more than half of the eighteen companies recommended China Freight, a China-based logistics company that was little known to me back then. We thought such a vote of confidence would make trying them worthwhile. So we gave it a shot after going through China Freight reviews and it marked the end of our shipping troubles!

Here’s what I’ve learned from working with China Freight

1. Great employees is their greatest assets

As with most businesses, China Freight’s biggest assets are its employees. I would say they’re skilled, meticulous, dedicated, determined, attentive, and tenacious. They’ve always demonstrated their dedication to what they do. Without a doubt, China Freight’s world-class service is largely attributed to their workforce. They’re thorough in every detail of their job and every document that goes through their hands. Also worth mentioning in this China Freight review is the employee’s prowess in anticipating and preventing troubles before they occur. This is just but a simple description of the team we deal every time we’re shipping from China to Australia.

2. Alice is a dedicated customer service manager

I have known Alice, the customer service manager at China Freight for a little over 6 years now. Her passion for customers, brilliance in execution and hard work reflects on every aspect of our cooperation. Having a large customer base myself, I know perfectly well that many customers take time to complain but a few take their time to compliment. But that great service we’ve had is worth drumming up support for them in this China Freight review.

3. Their experience is exceptional

As a new importer, I run up and down trying to learn every bit of import laws and regulations thinking I could handle most of the paperwork from my end. Nothing was as smooth as I thought. Most businesses shipping from China to Australia know that bringing goods into Australia can be challenging- just to say the least. You could possibly not get through the system without knowing critical laws and regulations governing import businesses. But do you think it is worthwhile getting to know every bit of international regulations? Definitely not. While expert knowledge of regulation is mandatory, experience is also key. As revealed by most China Freight reviews, the company is at the top of the game when it comes to customs brokerage. So, With China Freight, you won’t have to worry about paperwork ever again.

There are several considerations when shipping from China to Australia. You want your goods to be delivered at competitive freight costs, with the least time and without damages. These set of needs informed our decisions in picking China Freight; however, China Freight reviews did contribute to it as well. Choosing a shipping partner and a delivery option is always squarely dependent on your unique circumstance. After close to 10 years of experience as an importer, I’ve come to believe that cost may not be the only consideration but it’s most certainly a primary determining factor. If you are new and haven’t found the right forwarding agent, I’ll be brutally honest with you: Never, ever rush! For us at SportsPlex, we’ve worked with China Freight every time we’re shipping from China to Australia and we rely on them 100% for our entire shipping and brokerage needs.

4. China freight offers world-class service at unbeatable prices

If you are shipping from China to Australia, chances are that you’re incurring heavily on freight costs. China Freight has constantly shipped my products swiftly but at reasonable prices. In my opinion, there’s no other freight forwarder shipping from China to Australia that compares on shipping rates or customer service. A quick read through China Freight reviews can reveal it.

5. I’m always covered

Flexibility in shipping options has been quite crucial for the success of my business. When shipping from China to Australia, there are two obvious options; transporting via air or sea. We’ve always decided what’s best for us depending on the urgency of our delivery. Last summer, we had a really urgent order after local tournament authorities made an 11th-hour decision to source some products through us. Since the competition was scheduled to start three weeks later, we had to find a supplier and make urgent arrangements for the shipment to arrive on time. Luckily, China Freight team, led by Alice, marked our order as a top priority and gave every possible attention to it. For this particular order, we didn’t even require product mockups due to time constraints. As planned, China freight collected the products three days later, repackaged it and prepared it for shipping. They recommended us to use air freight-which we largely believed was our only option at that time. It took another three days before the shipment got dispatched to Australia. Cutting the long story short, we had the products delivered in a record 9 days after the order was placed! Well, that’s simply what efficiency means. However, due to the large volume of shipment and lower costs, sea freight has always been our preferred option for shipping from China to Australia. Unexpected emergencies, however, like the one above, may prompt the use of faster shipping methods. China Freight’s broad range of shipping methods is definitely another factor which has contributed to our long-standing partnership. Their sea option can accommodate FCL, LCL, high-value, oversized or heavy equipment. Whatever your shipment is, give them a call and you’ll be surprised how they’ll get your goods across the high seas. As with most China Freight reviews, we affirm that their flexibility is top-notch. We highly regard China Freight’s knowledge and skill of shipping issues and feel their dedication to our business’ best interest.

6. The safety of my shipment is always guaranteed

Honestly, I always think about the safety of my products every single time I have an incoming shipment. Having shipped from China to Australia a couple of times, I’ve come to understand that the most stressing part of the process is dealing with regulations and paperwork- most of which are usually overlooked. While I was reading through several China Freight reviews, I didn’t find a single complaint regarding the breach of regulations. This also contributed to my decision in choosing China Freight as my preferred forwarder. Having studied a bit of international logistics myself, I know that the industry’s environment is quite complicated and highly stressful. This calls for a well skilled and dedicated team of experts to handle complex and demanding business needs from customers world over. The complex environment notwithstanding, China Freight has been up to every shipping challenge. Overall, China Freight has always done an excellent job for us. They are a proactive business partner that’s quite attentive to details. I strongly believe that their efficiency should feature in many China Freight reviews out there.
As for the safety of every component in your shipment, China Freight uses cutting-edge technology to manage inventory and enhance the tracking of your goods. Nowadays, shipping from China to Australia has become extremely low-risk and hassle-free for us.

7. They’ve got attractive Insurance coverage

For new importers, seeking coverage for goods is extremely important. It’s actually meant to protect the value of your goods. Even before I started shipping from China to Australia through China Freight, I’d learned the hard way that cargo insurance is never an option. Finding a freight forwarder that can offer a comprehensive coverage for goods in transit isn’t as easy. As aforementioned, we suffered losses with our previous freight forwarder after a ship carrying our cargo got hit by high winds and heavy seas. The financial losses notwithstanding, we had to re-order the products. This explains why China Freight’s comprehensive insurance for every shipment got my eye as I read through China Freight reviews.
Anyone can start an import business, but you could easily make mistakes choosing the right freight forwarder. It’s imperative to carry out an in-depth research, consult widely and most importantly, take time before striking a relationship with a freight forwarder.
Finding contentment in a freight forwarder is often an elusive dream. Like many shippers, I began my import business with little knowledge on how international business operates. Initially, I would spend quite a considerable sum of money on my suppliers’ appointed freight forwarders- most of whom were unapologetically slow and inefficient. Then I again jumped on cheap forwarders thinking I would find some reprieve. The truth is, I ended paying much more in hidden costs.

8. Effective and efficient communication

When it comes to relaying information, Alice and the team have continually been pretty hands-on. Honestly, I can’t thank them enough in this China Freight review for their patience, being able to adapt to changing plans and directions. Every phone call or Skype meeting with them always leaves me smiling. The daily progress reports keep us updated on the status of both air and sea shipments right from dispatching suppliers to deliver on our warehouse. This has made the entire shipping process much more enjoyable.
Although we’ve been regularly obtaining quotes from other freight forwarders shipping from China to Australia, we’ve always come back to China Freight for their world-class customer service and best value for the money spent on shipping. Honestly, I just can’t say enough in this China Freight review about how great it has been working with them. The company has been quite instrumental in helping us transition from ‘managing’ the entire shipping process to giving a freight forwarder the full mandate to handle the shipping while we concentrate on other businesses. This has saved us a tremendous amount of time and we’re certainly more productive than before; we no longer have to worry about loss or damage to our shipment. For this reason, I have no hesitation in writing up similar China Freight reviews that recommend china freight to other companies.

9. Always up for every challenge

As a frequent importer dealing in a dynamic industry, we’ve had times when out requirements for shipment changes. To say that shipment dates, confusion of quantities and money transfers require several changes before the commencement of shipping is an understatement. Although many China Freight reviews may not reveal, China Freight goes above and beyond to help in whatever way, even when it’s outside their normal working scope. Over the years, I’ve given them some curve balls but they have stood the test every single time. They even ordered to help us out of some sticky situation with one of our suppliers. China Freight has always taken every one of these challenges with the utmost professionalism and a positive attitude. Even when under pressure, they work around the clock to offer every possible help. There is some particular time when circumstances left us with very short timeframes to import some racing equipment into the country for a bike racing event. Alice and the team at China Freight provided an exceptional service to ensure the whole process became as quick and painless as possible. I was kept posted throughout the entire process. Everything went according to plan, and it soon arrived in Australia at their depot in Brisbane when I collected them. I just couldn’t help mentioning it in this China Freight review. You can also saddle them with impossible shipping tasks but they’ll always perform brilliantly. That’s not to say challenges never arise, they surely do. However, China Freight will always manage and resolve problems associated with overseas formalities professionally and in a timely manner.

Don’t fall for fake China Freight reviews, be cautious!

Basing on my experience in business, I understand the negative effects of a smear campaign against any company, which is why I’ll never fall for fake China Freight reviews. It’s quite astonishing that people who seemingly have no knowledge about a freight forwarder can shout at the top of their voices claiming they’ve been conned or scammed. Over time, I’ve learned to carry out my in-depth research and assessment before striking business deals. Watch out, don’t be sucked in
To Alice and your team, my sincere thanks for the safe and professional shipping execution every single time we’ve worked together. We would like to let you know that we just don’t see you as a dependable freight forwarder; you’re much more than that. It goes without saying that we couldn’t have done it without you. Convey our gratitude to the extended team that always works tirelessly to make it happen. We look forward to a continued business relationship. Many thanks!