China Freight Reviews for shipping from China to Amazon FBA


When it comes to shipping from China to any part of the world, it pays to know the method of your suppliers, your freight forwarding company, the customs agency, and other important information concerned with the making and transportation of your goods.

If you don’t have clear knowledge of any of the above listed information, you will have problems when shipping your goods, and you don’t want that because you will spend extra money, wait endlessly for your goods to arrive and when they do, because they have spent so much time on transit, it is possible that they will be damaged. This is every importer’s nightmare, that is why it is good to read online reviews before patronizing any company. I have good experiences after reading China freight reviews and I will share them with you later in this article.

These days, a lot of things have been simplified because of the Internet. So many people are now using e-commerce to enhance their businesses and Amazon FBA is a great way to go about it. With Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon), your customers can have their goods delivered to them at their homes or offices. You can ship your goods from wherever they are manufactured to Amazon FBA and they will pack and deliver is to your customers while you monitor the enter operation via Amazon tracking system.

If you like working fast and smart, you’re already making plans to start selling your goods with this method, and I am here to show you the best way to do that. If you are already using Amazon FBA for your business, this is also important for you, as the information I will give here is going to  show you easier ways to ship fast and save more money.

What you should know about shipping from China to Amazon FBA

Before jumping into the world of Amazon FBA, you should know a few things first. So pay attention to the points listed below because they will prepare you for the business of shipping from China to Amazon FBA.

  • Your goods have to meet Amazon specifications

Amazon is a big and reputable company, so they have certain criteria for the goods they accept and send to customers. It is your duty to inform your manufacturers in China about this, let them make your goods to meet these criteria and you are good to go.

More often than not, a good number of manufacturers know these specifications, and they will happy make adjustments to fit in. This will cost you additional money, but it is usually small so don’t worry. To be totally certain that your manufacturer has actually made the goods to sync with Amazon FBA requirements, you can hire an agent and send him to the factory in China, so that your goods can be inspected properly before being shipped to Amazon FBA.

The need for an agent to inspect the goods you are shipping from China to Amazon FBA is very important. Any mistake your factory makes will cost you a lot, so this issue of getting an agent to inspect the goods before they leave the Chinese factory is crucial. You also need a freight forwarding company like the one responsible for the impressive China freight reviews on the Internet, they will confirm the state of the goods before it leaves for the FBA.

There are many agents that are reliable enough to carry out good inspection in China, but you have to let your manufacturer know that you will get a agent to inspect the goods you are shipping from China to Amazon FBA because they have to agree to it. If any manufacturer is against you getting an agent to confirm the standard of goods, you should consider leaving them to partner with a factory that will allow it.

  • Amazon will charge you based on FIFO (first in first out) method

Of course, Amazon will not store and deliver your goods for free. They charge you, and it is good to know how they will do that. So when shipping from China to Amazon FBA, be prepared to pay fees based on the famous FIFO method.

Let me explain how it works; when your goods arrive an Amazon FBA warehouse, they will come in batches, some will come before others. Those ones that come first are the “first in” goods, so they are the ones to be sold out first when customers request for them (first out). When they are sold, and only after they are sold, will the next batch of goods be available for sale to customers. As long as a batch of goods remain in Amazon’s storage facility, you will be charged for it…it is all about the duration of storage.

Here is an illustration; you have shipped four batches of high definition home theatres from China to Amazon FBA, and batch one arrived before batch two, while batch three and four are still on transit. When a customer requests for high definition home theatres, Amazon will pick and package goods from batch one for delivery to that customer and other subsequent ones until batch one is exhausted, which ends your charges on that batch of goods.

Next, Amazon will focus on batch two, and the same thing will happen when customers want to buy high definition home theatres until it is exhausted, which will lead them to batch three and four. You are only charged for storage as long as your goods occupy Amazon’s warehouse, and the first goods to arrive will be the first to go. If your product is one that is in high demand, you will pay lesser amounts for Amazon FBA services because your goods won’t last in their stores. Also, using a logistics company like the one mentioned in China freight reviews can reduce your total cost.

  • You can store an unlimited amount of goods to a fulfilment centre in one shipment

This is good news for those who have large businesses and like to move very big batches of goods when shipping from China to Amazon FBA. It means as long as you are shipping from China to Amazon FBA, the amount of mechanise you are permitted to move to a fulfilment centre is unlimited.

There are advantages that come with this, and they are pocket friendly ones for your business. One of such advantages that are due to the unlimited amount of merchandise you can ship to an Amazon fulfilment centre is that it saves you more money.

Naturally, the larger the amount of goods you ship from one place to another, the lesser the cost. For those who have been involved in shipping from China to Amazon FBA, I am sure you can confirm this by calculating the difference between how much you spent when you shipped a large size of goods at once and when you shipped small batches of goods two or three times. The difference is usually high, and it gets wider with the number of times the smaller goods are shipped.

So, since you are allowed an unlimited amount of goods when shipping from China to Amazon FBA, you should use the opportunity to move as many goods as possible in one shipment to save money and time. A great logistics company like what you see in China freight reviews can make it hitch-free for you.

  • You can’t escape the package fee, but you can use it to your advantage

If you are like most sellers, you already have a way you want your customers to receive the packaged product when it is delivered to them. If you spend time packaging it to reach your idea of what a customer should receive with the hope that Amazon will reduce your charges, you are wrong.

There is no escape, no matter how well you pack the goods for consumers, Amazon will still charge you packaging fee, so if your sole motivation of wanting to spend extra time and effort to package goods before it reaches the fulfilment centre, you might want to ditch the idea.

Now that you know you will be paying the fee no matter what, you can use it to your advantage. If you will not end up paying less for the goods you packaged yourself, why bother? Just save time and don’t worry about making sophisticated parcels, it makes no difference…at least no financial difference.

When shipping from China to Amazon FBA, don’t waste time. Just package your goods in the easiest way possible and you will save yourself time.

  • Start shipping from China to Amazon FBA slowly

When you are new into this business, it is good for you to take it slow. Others who have done this business before now usually say how things have gone for them online, and almost all of advised new sellers to start slow. Personally, after reading some China freight reviews, I looked at my own experience and I agree with those who say shipping from China to Amazon FBA should not he rushed.

The reason is because you don’t know much about the business yet. No matter how much advise you get or how many China freight reviews you read, there is nothing like actually doing this business and experiencing it yourself. So until you have taken the first step, and a few subsequent others, don’t rush things when shipping from China to Amazon FBA.

  • Choose the best freight forwarding company to handle your shipment

This is obviously important when moving goods from China to an Amazon fulfilment centre, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t take it seriously and later complain of one issue or another. An international freight forwarder will serve as the logistics department of your e-commerce business for the first phase of your line of supply.

Like I said earlier about my experience, I will share it in details later, but it all started with the mindset I gave myself to work with none other than the best freight forwarding company out there, and I found it the day I read some China freight reviews.

The job of a good freight forwarder is to make sure your goods are shipped in the fastest, safest and most economic way possible. Basically, this is what the job is, but from testimonies on China freight reviews, a particular company called China Freight has decided to go beyond basic freight forwarding duties for their clients.

If you pick a good international freight forwarding company like China Freight, they can help you grow your e-commerce business to heights you never imagined. Your goods won’t be limited to sea, air or road freights alone, they will be coordinated in multiple ways and this will make things faster and more convenient for you.

Two things to look for when choosing a freight forwarding company for your business

Yes, working with a freight forwarding company is a huge boost to your business, but the company has to be good enough to do the job. Here are ways to know which to choose.

   1.Do they have experience?

If your answer to this question about the company you have chosen is anything other than a confident YES, you should consider changing you freight forwarder. You see, Amazon has standards and according to China freight reviews, this company made things smooth, but sellers who used poor freight forwarders had their goods rejected by Amazon FBA.

You need to work with a company that knows the requirements if Amazon, so that your goods won’t be rejected like those who did not use China freight for their business.

If you want to know how well a company can handle your goods to meet Amazon specifications, make sure they have a good record from years of working with Amazon FBA, as seen in China freight reviews.

2.Is the company interested in helping your business grow?

This is more than just transporting goods to the fulfilment centre, you need to know if they care about your business. An e-commerce business has a lot of potential, so you need a forwarder that can help you maximize those potentials. Many sellers who worked with a good company revealed in China Freight reviews that they have seen a huge growth in their businesses since they started using China freight.

This is because China freight reviews tell the customer’s experience with the company and before you partner with any company, take your time to do deep research. Read their reviews and ask questions from those who have been using them for a long time.

A freight forwarder that can help your business grow should have an ample network of partners around the globe, they should also be able to use multiple routes to ship your products to Amazon fulfilment centres. This way, they have flexibility and can meet up with any amount of growth your business reaches as you go on with your business.

My personal experience with China Freight

I stated earlier that some China freight reviews led me to using the best logistics company out there, and now I’ll share the experience that blew me away.

It all started a few years ago when I was spending so much money on shipping, and the logistics company I was using then did nothing to help me. Frustrated, I went online and came across a few companies that promised to give me the best service but I decided to confirm by checking what other customers had to say about their mode of business. A few were impressive, but China freight reviews got hold of my attention.

From what their clients had to say, I dug deeper into China freight reviews to read more from customers in other parts of the world and found out they had good things to say about this logistics and freight forwarding company, so I decided to give it a try.

I made my first shipment with China freight from my suppliers in China to the Amazon fulfilment centre and things were as good as I expected after reading China freight reviews. It was fast and cost me less money, I should also mention that my goods were inspected to make sure they meet Amazon’s requirements. Since I have been working with then, not even one of my goods have been returned.

Recently, I had a reason to call their customer service because of a misunderstanding that occurred during the course of my shipment from Beijing to Amazon fulfilment centre. I had read in the China freight reviews that their response to complaint was fast, but I had no prior experience because nothing ever went wrong.

When I called, a female personnel attended to me and she sounded really warm and receptive, so I told her about the misunderstanding with my shipment and the issue was resolved. In no time, my goods were safely in the Amazon fulfillment center and I was really impressed and grateful to China freight. I can boldly say they are the best and encourage you to start partnering with China freight immediately for all your shipping needs.